Munro Partners is an independent global absolute return equity manager with a core focus on growth equities.

Munro has been established by an award winning manager with a 13 year proven track record of strong absolute returns and outperformance over multiple market cycles.

Our Business Edge

Munro builds investor relationships on partnership, shared philosophy, transparency and accountability.


Munro only runs global investment mandates, with no domestic biases. It takes a global approach to investment, research is conducted in global locations with a global network providing key insights.


Munro invest clients’ money as we invest our own, with all partners significantly invested in the funds.


Munro’s partnership structure allows us to attract and retain key staff, while retaining independence over the long run.


Munro is committed to remaining independent. Independence breeds small, simple organisational structures that allows us to focus on performance.

Track Record

Munro’s successful past gives us the confidence, and the right, to believe in our future potential.

Bringing the best of tradition into the modern world

Our Investment Edge


Munro only runs global absolute return funds. Fundamentally-driven global equity long/short manager targeting meaningful annualised returns through the investment cycle, while maintaining a capital preservation mindset.


We cover the miles, continuously meeting with global company management teams to find undiscovered global investment opportunities.


We identify sustainable growth trends that are underappreciated and mispriced by the market, and the resulting winning and losing stocks.


We conduct a comprehensive and disciplined investment process that seeks earnings upside/downside visibility, valuation multiple upside/downside and catalyst visibility.


The investment approach generates a high hit rate of performing ideas and allows them to be appropriately sized and monetised over long time periods.