Video and Presentation Quarterly Update June 2018

Munro Partners’ present the Munro Global Growth Fund quarterly update for June 2018.

The videos and presentation include the performance of the Munro Global Growth Fund and a closer look at a key investment idea for 2018 “Internet Disruption”, specifically Netflix.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to read the Munro Global Growth Fund quarterly presentation for June 2018 or don’t have the time for the videos, please see the presentations (Performance or Netflix).


Video 1: Munro Global Growth Fund June 2018 Performance (6 mins) (Jeremy Gibson)

Portfolio Manager, Jeremy Gibson, presents the Munro Global Growth Fund quarterly performance for June 2018.

Garner some insight into how the Munro Global Growth Fund generated its 4% quarterly performance, its relative exposure levels and key attribution statistics for the quarter.

Video 2: Investment Theme: “Internet Disruption” – Netflix (8 mins) (James Tsinidis)

Portfolio Manager, James Tsinidis, presents the key theme of internet disruption with a deep dive into Netflix.

Discover the investment basis for Netflix, and its strong network effect, to the current 120 million subscribers (10% of global broadband homes) and where the growth is to be generated in its total addressable market.


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